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 Computer Skills Professional (Microsoft Office)
  • Identifies hardware components eg. keyboard, mouse, monitor/screen
  • Matches equipment to purpose - eg digital camera to capture images
  • Identifies cursor
  • Recognises the typical features of an applications window title bar, toolbar, menu bar, status bar, scroll bar
  • Starts an application and creates a document
  • Names and saves a document in appropriate folder/directory
  • Retrieves, revises and renames a document 
  • Locates and uses return/enter, space, delete/backspace, shift, caps lock.
  • Uses appropriate terminology - font, upper/lower case, bold,italics, underline.
  • Types sentence(s) without assistance.
  • Inserts text.
  • Selects/highlights text.
  • Deletes text.
  • Varies font, size and style.
  • Understands cut, copy, paste. 
  • Uses text tool.
  • Creates a simple slide show with text, images.
  • Inserts slides.
  • Uses and understands the features of a browser (back, forward, stop, search, refresh, history, home buttons, address bar, loading status)
  • Understands and uses key words in a simple search
  • Understands key features of a web page (links, site map, feedback, email)
  • Bookmarks a location
  • Uses and understands hyperlinks/navigation buttons
  • Chooses appropriate sites from a search 
  • Understands the general structure of an email address
  • Interprets features of an inbox eg. owner, date, subject, size
  • Interprets features of a new message eg. To, Cc, Subject
  • Interprets features of a retrieved message eg. From, Date sent, Reply, Forward
  • Retrieves and replies to an email
  • Forwards an email
  • Sends an attachment with an email
Basic Skills: (Recommended)

In this program candidates will learn the skills required to operate a computer and also attain skills with Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook. The program is designed to help workforce achieved computer skills that is required in today job market. It includes a basic to advance level skills in computer application. This program can be a quick start for professional jobs which include use of computers on daily basis. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible for National Certification through the American Education Certification Association (AECA) to become a computer skills specialist.

Program Info

Duration: 3-5 months


Morning: Monday - Friday

Morning: Monday - Thursday

Evening: Monday - Friday

Evening: Monday - Thursday 

Weekend: Saturday - Sunday

Weekend: Saturdays Only

Cost of Program Includes:

Books, National Certifications & Program Supplies

Program/Course Description:
National Certification (with this program):

Students eligible in this program are available for the following

National Certifications

  1. Computer Skills Specialist